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    How to sort an array alphabetically in javascript

    June 14, 2019

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    To sort an array alphabetically in javascript you can use the sort function.

    To Sort a-z.

    //outputs ["blue", "green", "purple", "red", "yellow"]

    This works well but what if there is a mix between lower case and uppercase? eg

    //outputs ["Green", "Silver", "blue", "green", "purple", "red", "yellow"]

    Despite what you might expect the sort method sorts alphabetically but has the capitalised letters words before the lowercase letters.

    A more robust solution which will also handle non standard letters such as é is to use the localeCompare.

    So now

    //outputs ["blue", "green", "Green", "purple", "red", "Silver", "yellow"]

    As discussed in our article on sorting numerically there is also another syntax which you might come across which can be a bit cleaner and reusable.

    const sortAtoZ = (a,b)=>a.localeCompare(b)
    const sortZtoA = (a,b)=>b.localeCompare(a)

    This will allow us to pass in our function directly into the sort.


    //outputs ["blue", "green", "Green", "purple", "red", "Silver", "yellow"]
    //outputs ["yellow", "Silver", "red", "purple", "Green", "green", "blue"]

    I find this the best solution because we are able to test this function and reuse it with confidence across our codebase, also by giving a descriptive name to the function we help prevent getting our orders mixed up.

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